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Did you know the U.S. Library of Medicine database lists more than 23,000 studies on acupuncture?

Benefits-of-Acupuncture-Kalamazoo MITreatments typically involve the nearly painless insertion of very thin needles to stimulate the body’s natural repair and regulation mechanisms based on the fundamental Chinese medicine principle that the inside of the body can often be treated from the outside. Acupuncture works by stimulating and releasing the body’s natural pain relievers, including endorphins, producing the feel-good brain chemical serotonin and relieving inflammation, as well as bringing many other body processes into normal function. It’s a non-pharmaceutical remedy for many health problems.

Read this article by Kathleen Barnes is author of many natural health books, including The Calcium Lie 2: What Your Doctor Still Doesn’t Know, with Dr. Robert Thompson. She will lead you through why there are so many good reasons to try Acupuncture. 

Good Reasons To Try Acupuncture 

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