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Libby and Mary Ann attended a workshop at Stardreaming in Santa Fe New Mexico to celebrate the Spring Equinox.

It was a great experience and we wanted to share a little about James Jereb, Ph.D. and his work.

James is a self-taught, visionary artist who works in paint, print, and stone and is the creator of Stardreaming, a 22 acre sacred stone/temple labyrinth complex called Temples of the Cosmos. These temples are composed of 800 tons of stone. Approximately 50 different kinds of stone were used and they come from sources throughout the United States and Mexico. The stone ranges in size from huge boulders of quartz and granite to chipped pieces of obsidian and red jasper.
James’ earlier career was an art historian/museum educator and it provided him with the opportunity to travel globally and to develop a multi-cultural connection with people and a deep appreciation of their unique worldviews. He became an admirer and collector of indigenous world art and crafts, but never saw himself as an artist.
In early 1996, he experienced an extraordinary awakening and began accessing guidance from Spirit to paint on large canvas and build temples which have become the foundation of his work and his life. His paintings, writings, and architectural structures reflect his own spiritual worlds of wonder and magic. His creations serve to raise consciousness so that we can recognize the divine within us and create a better world for us all. His hope is that his paintings act as portals of universal understanding of healing and transformation for all that experience them and to awaken the divine child within each of us.
Stardreaming is a sanctuary for pilgrimages, initiation, ceremony, and prayer.

James has written 3 books, “Alchemy of the Stone: Journey of a Visionary Alchemist” and “Quest of the Golden Dolphin in the Land of Stardreaming” and “Spirit, Magic, Light: A Visionary Meditation for Enlightment” which contain many images of his paintings.
James is an inspiration to many people around the world. His art is incredible and the temples are amazing. We have included some pictures below of the temples and if you would like more information visit his website at

James’ most recent addition to Stardreaming, the Pyramid of Light is composed of 40 tons of river stone clad with 40 tons of rainbow granite. All the stone was chipped by hand then fit together, like a puzzle.

Libby, James and Mary Ann in front of the Pyramid of Light

Temple of New Earth

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