45940893 - quality of lifeEvery day, more and more people in southwest Michigan are discovering the benefits of acupuncture as a way to help them achieve and maintain optimal health.

While you may have heard that acupuncture is an effective treatment for both acute and chronic pain, you may not know that acupuncture has been a primary source of health care in China for more than 3,000 years. Today, the World Health Organization and the National Institutes of Health recognize that acupuncture is safe and effective for treating a wide range of health concerns. Billions of people worldwide, including your friends and neighbors right here in southwest Michigan, benefit from this safe and effective system of preventing disease, treating illness, and improving well-being.

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Ascension11 has 11 spiritually-based programs. Each of the Ascension11 programs is stand-alone and runs for 33 minutes. They have been specifically designed as a deep meditative tool to help enhance your spiritual and evolutionary journey.

Like its Trinfinity8 predecessor, this software also delivers information to the individual through pure quartz crystal rods, which attach to a signal box connected to your computer.

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Energy Genesis

eg-long-1024x512Energy Genesis technology utilizes a combination of vibration, sound, and light in a non-invasive session/series of sessions.  The light exposure allows for an increase in both blood circulation and oxygen levels in the cells, while the simultaneous combination of vibration, sound, and light facilitates the ultimate experience in relaxation therapy.  By allowing the body to reach this state, many benefits of relaxation to the body can be obtained and include: INFLAMMATION reduction/removal, stress reduction, higher energy levels, improved sleep, stronger cognitive abilities, and an enhanced immune system. We are influencing the body to do what it is innately born to do!

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Trinfinity8 users are not only extolling the rejuvenating physical effects of using Trinfinity8, but also awakening to the spiritual vibrational changes it also brings about. On the spiritual level, Trinfinity8 is encoded with what can best be described as ascension coding, frequency patterns which help accelerate evolution and spirituality by directing DNA activation to its highest potential. Trinfinity8 is the quintessential holistic tool for high-level wellness in the 21st Century. It’s unique technology allows for streams of coded data to be transmitted through a computer’s USB port. A digital translator device then sends information to the body via specially designed hand-held quartz crystal transmitter/receiver rods. These crystals have been carefully lab grown for clarity and perfection. Many Trinfnity8 users report feeling subtle energy effects during use such as hand tingling, skin hydration, warmth, and a deep meditative calm.

Trinfinity8 is designed to increase awareness and to assist the individual in attaining a state of self-balance while working to restore vitality. Once to twice weekly sessions of 30-60 minutes is ideal. Results may vary depending on the individual and frequency of use.

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Stress Release Sessions


Scientific studies have proven that stress (physical and emotional) is a major contributor to health issues. Stress Release Sessions, provided by Tina Minert, D.C., of Live Your Best Life, LLC, facilitate the release of stuck emotions, often resulting in a greater sense of well being revealed by the client.  A greater sense of well being can express itself in a number of ways.  Relaxation, lightness, improved muscle strength and flexibility, reduced pain, as well as a noticeable improvement in long-term health conditions are results that have been noted following a Stress Release Session with Tina.

Tina says, “Many people recognize that emotional stressors can create emotional responses in the body.  Often what is realized after experiencing a Stress Release Session is that emotional stressors can also create physical responses.  Physical responses like digestive disturbances, breathing difficulties, headaches, muscle weakness, and body aches, for example, have been observed in the response to an emotional stressor.”

Further, Tina states, “In a non-chiropractic approach, Stress Release Sessions are experienced to release stuck emotions from the body.  My goal is to offer a unique approach by combining advanced stress release techniques with over 20 years of clinical expertise.  Thus, each client experiences a Stress Release Session which is customized to his or her own needs.”

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HeartMath Coaching

“Emotions are our body’s reactions to our thoughts.” – Eckhart Tolle

The HeartMath method provides emotional regulation focusing on positive feelings such as appreciation, care, or compassion. These changes precipitate a series of neural, hormonal, and biochemical events that dissipate stress and anger. This leads to a greater well-being. The benefits of using this system are remarkable and far-reaching: blood pressure drops, stress hormone levels fall, immune system activity increases, and anti-aging hormone levels rise. These techniques focus on engaging one’s heart to bring emotion, body, and mind into balance. Helping one to stay in a zone of focused clarity, optimal health, and high performance. Changes brought about through this method are fast-acting and long-lasting, the perfect antidote to our chaotic and fast-paced lives.

These techniques focus on engaging one’s heart to bring emotion, body, and mind into balance. Helping one to stay in a zone of focused clarity, optimal health, and high performance. Changes brought about through this method are fast-acting and long-lasting, the perfect antidote to our chaotic and fast-paced lives. 

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EFT/TFT Tapping

EFT/TFT Tapping - Acupuncture Center of South West MI KalamazooWe are very excited to offer two amazing additional techniques: EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) and TFT (Thought Field Therapy).  While acupuncture uses needles to rebalance the body, EFT & TFT use tapping on these same acupoints. The results are remarkable.

EFT and TFT have been used successfully for pain, anxiety, phobias, addiction, emotional stress, and much more. We use and teach EFT & TFT to our clients to help them heal more quickly and save money. Click for more details…

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