This is our story:

Acupuncture Center of Southwest Michigan logo - KalamazooJanuary 1994: Libby Slocum founded  the Acupuncture Center of Southwest Michigan. The first location was in Otsego, Michigan, where she shared space with two wonderful physicians – Dr. Marcia Nansel and Dr. Ron Zapf. It was wonderful to work with two excellent, holistic physicians, but after 3 years Libby decided to return to Kalamazoo to shorten the drive for herself and her clients.

The next 16 years were spent at our office near the corner of 131 and West Main in Kalamazoo.

2005: Nancy Krane, our wonderful receptionist, joined (lucky us!).

2007: Charlie Adams joined the practice, after practicing Acupuncture in Maine and Kalamazoo. 

2012: Dr. Tina Minert brought her holistic practice, Live Your Best Life, and passion for  stress release sessions to the center after practicing chiropractic for nearly 20 years.

2014: Libby moved the Center to its current location, in order to have room for the latest cutting- edge Energy Healing technology: two Energy Genesis machines.

2014: Wendy Murray joined us after working as an R.N. since 1997, and a fully trained and licensed Acupuncturist since 2005 in Chicago.  

2016: Mary Ann Scott joined us, bringing her 22 years of various corporate leadership roles, collegiate sports experience, and her training in complementary health modalities including Reconnective Healing,  Heart Math, the Bengston Energy Healing Method, and Energy Genesis.

Each of us has deep, lifelong connections with Southwest Michigan. We love the Kalamazoo area and the relaxed, friendly attitudes of the Midwest.

Acupuncture Center of Southwest Michigan

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