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What’s Happening?!!!

In May and June, we were busy creating and activating two awesome labyrinths with a couple of small groups of people. Wait until you see and walk them!


Libby and Mary Ann will be at the current Acupuncture Center location through August 30th. The Acupuncture Center of Southwest Michigan will then be moving its location to the Land of Light (33256 32nd Street – Just 12 minutes west of 131 off West Main Street). It will be opening sometime in November.

Crystals! Crystals! 

We want to include you!

If you would like to be a part of the healing intention of the Center, we invite you to drop off a small (about 1 inch in diameter) crystal at the current location of the Acupuncture Center by August 23rd.

Hold your crystal and mentally focus your healing intent into it (for your own healing, a family member’s healing, or healing the world). We will place it in the foundation of the new Acupuncture Center at the Land of Light!

What about September and October?

September is our month of creating and designing our new services and packages and memberships. This will be transitioning to our new focus on personal and collective transformation.

This will include planning classes, workshops, meditations, gatherings with like-minded people, Immersion Retreats (where you can get away from the day-to-day and really transform yourself) memberships.

Late September and October: 

Curious about the new location? Great! We will be hosting several free introductions to the Land of Light (our new location). Dates to be announced.


We will host at least two free 1-hour Introductory Workshops on tools to help with stress and/or anxiety. There will be limited seating. If you are interested please email us at (put “Intro” as the subject of your email) to secure your seat. Let us know if workdays or weekends are best for you.


Libby will, of course, be taking her supplements with her. They will be available from the new location by appointment. Although the new location is close – just 12 minutes west of 131 and West Main – feel free to stock up this month for ease.

We hope this is helpful! We will keep our current phone number (269-353-4833) so feel free to call us with any questions!

Stay tuned for more updates!

Libby and Mary Ann

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