Sunday, Sept 22 at 1pm

Intro to Land of Light

Limited seating
Come and see the Land of Light and feel the vibration of the Land
Walk the Labyrinths (optional)

This is a letter that Libby and Mary Ann sent to their clients explaining an exciting change coming in August. The rest of the staff will remain in Kalamazoo doing the wonderful work they do.

I have some exciting news to share with you! Mary Ann and I will be launching a new space for the Acupuncture and Cereset Centers.

After over 35 years of being involved in the alternative medicine field, I have seen and learned many aspects of healing/new science and feel that one of the most important aspects is self-empowerment.   Knowing that each of us has everything we need inside of us is a key to all healing and growth.

Many times we need an environment and knowledge that can help assist us in this process. To this end, and after many months of searching, we have purchased 40 acres of beautiful land, just 10-15 minutes west of 131 and West Main, and will be renovating a wonderful barn to become the new Center.

We have called the new land “Land of Light” as it has sunny, rolling hills as well as a pond and wooded trails. Nature allows us all to relax and heal, so what better setting for a deeper level of healing and growth.

What does this mean for you?

Things will remain the same at the Acupuncture Center until late August when Mary Ann and I move both Cereset (the Brainwave Optimization company we co-own) and the scaled down and refocused Acupuncture Center to its new location at 33256 32nd Street, Paw Paw.

The services we will be providing will be hosting classes, workshops (our own as well as others!), meditation and group sound rooms, and of course bringing the many modalities we have searched high and low for – such as HeartMath, Energy Genesis Chambers, Acupuncture, Trinfinity8, BioGenesis tools, etc. . We will also be providing some Spiritual/Wellness coaching (more info to come on this).

Many of you have expressed the desire to connect with others who are interested in natural healing.  Our intention is to set up this environment to promote self-healing, self-empowerment and a community where like-minded people have an opportunity to learn and grow together.

The rest of the crew will remain in Kalamazoo. We will (of course!) continue to refer to each of them as well as collaborate with them.

We will be inviting those of you who are interested to join us for visits to the Land of Light, and to be involved in its’ creation. Also, we will have a link on our website acswm .com (under events) to share information about any activities we will be hosting as well as progress updates.

Go or Click here to see the updates:

I have been so blessed to have each of you in my life, and I look forward to helping you get to the next level in your wholeness.

With much love,


Libby in front of our soon to be New Center

Libby in front of our soon to be New Center

Libby overlooking the pond

Libby overlooking the pond

Deer in the driveway.

Deer in the driveway

Walking on our groomed trail
Two sand-hill cranes in our field
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