On Sat, May 26 we had our very first activity on the land of light.

We were excited to do an activation of our new temple of the heart with a great group of people.

The overall vision for the land of light is for us to have an environment and a healing center to help people calm their mind and open their heart.

Our goal is to create an environment where you can relax, de-stress, reset and be in touch with your true nature, to reawaken to your true self.

That is why we started with building a temple of the heart

Mary Ann and I have had the amazing opportunity to learn cutting edge science, from the actual scientists themselves such as Gregg Braden, Joe Dispenza, and Bruce Lipton, – science that proves that consciousness is actual energy and that we are truly all connected through what is now referred to as the Unified Field.

Because of this we now know, as scientific fact, that what we each do, and even more so what we do in groups such as this, has a profound effect on our planet as well as on all who inhabit our planet.

Our goal with this activation of the Temple of the Heart is to do what our ancestors did for millennia – to connect with, and engage in a dialogue with the natural forces around us.

They knew that temples are places of illumination, Communication, and transformation.

Larger view of Heart Labyrinth Temple showing it's size

Larger view of Heart Labyrinth Temple showing it's size

We chose the Temple of the Heart and it’s placement because it represents an opening of the heart where our truth resides. The seat of the soul. The temple has a biosignature of the heart and a 2-dimensional octahedron within the heart. We got this idea from our friend Robert who is from Israel and an expert on the sacred geometry of the heart.

As you enter the land you drive from the east and exit from the west.

Entering from the east is represented by the element air and Archangel Raphael. It has the meaning of awakening, healing, and understanding

The three main objectives of activating the temple are

1.) Connect and communicate with invisible forces. Enable us to connect to receive info or guidance.

2.) Manifesting: to create a temple that amplifies your energy and aids your manifestation process. 

3.) To establish an environment that heals and rejuvenates the body and the mind. 

Overhead picture of the Heart at Labyrinth Temple at the Land of Light

Overhead picture of the Heart at Labyrinth Temple at the Land of Light

A big thank you for everyone that came and helped us activate the temple of the heart. 

Stay tuned as we will show the results of before and after the activation with our energy camera!


Our first workshop!

We’re keeping our promise on updating you on our Land of Light progress.

Saturday, April 6th:

Libby and Mary Ann had their first workshop since purchasing the Land of Light, which is what they call the beautiful 40 acres where they will move the scaled-down Acupuncture Center this fall.
Land of Light first workshop Kalamazoo MI image 4
Land of Light first workshop Kalamazoo MI
Land of Light first workshop Kalamazoo MI image 2
Land of Light first workshop Kalamazoo MI image 5
Land of Light first workshop Kalamazoo MI image 3

A one day workshop to recognize your potential.

This one day workshop is $169 but if you pay before March 15th receive a special price of $136!
The facilitator, Sameeta is from India and travels all over the world sharing her knowledge and technics.

Please call or email the office to RSVP. Seats are limited and will go fast.

Reserve your spot before they're filled. 

Science & Spirituality Conference – June 16-18, 2018

Mary Ann and Libby will be attending one of the best conferences in 2018, with five of the top world pioneers, brightest minds, leaders, authors and teachers in the field of science and spirituality – Gregg BradenDr. Bruce LiptonDr. Joe DispenzaLynne McTaggart and Lee Carroll

The conference will include a two-day keynote special where they will hear the latest groundbreaking information related to science and spirituality.  

“Our ability to defuse the crises threatening our lives and our world hinges upon our willingness to accept what science is revealing about our origins and history.” – Gregg Braden

“The environment writes the story of our genes and our DNA is the rich history book of generations untold. Science is just beginning to catch up in its understanding of nature’s wisdom.” – Dr. Joe Dispenza

“The new physics provides a modern version of ancient spirituality. In a universe made out of energy, everything is entangled; everything is one.” – Dr. Bruce Lipton

“If all information from the cosmos flows through our pores at every moment, then our current notion of our human potential is only a glimmer of what it should be.” – Lynne McTaggart

“Could it be that all the mysterious secrets of your past, your science, your health, and the ability to regenerate youth… is already known? The answer is yes, and this lives inside you in a very sacred place. This place is starting to be revealed within the New Human. You are in the right place at the right time Old Soul, and worthy to receive all of it!” – Kryon / Lee Carroll

“The history of science shows that theories are perishable. With every new truth that is revealed we get a better understanding of Nature and our conceptions and views are modified.” – Nikola Tesla

Lee Carroll

Lee Carroll

Left to right. Gregg Braden , Dr Bruce. Lipton , Dr Joe Dispenza

Libby and Mary Ann attended this amazing and powerful retreat.
They are excited to bring this knowledge back to share with all of you!

Libby with Gregg Braden

Libby with Gregg Braden

Mary Ann and Libby with Howard Martin

Mary Ann and Libby with Howard Martin

Mary Ann with Gregg Braden

Mary Ann with Gregg Braden
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