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Biological Decoding

Mary Ann and Libby are in training to learn Biological Decoding with Enrique Bouron.  Enrique serves as researcher, writer, lecturer and teacher in Total Biology of Living Beings and Biological Decoding.

Biological Decoding v2

Enrique Bouron became interested in the Total Biology to exercise his profession as a therapist in regression. He attended courses in Montreal by Julie Lemieux and Claude Vallières where quickly he realized the extraordinary potential of the discipline. He then attended the seminars of Dr. Claude Sabbah, founder of the concept to translate all the material. 

Biological Decoding is a science which identifies humans, their illnesses and their behaviors to a whole that goes beyond simple symptomatology. The concept brings together the knowledge of several scientific disciplines and the observation of plants, animals and humans, through the evolution of life on the planet.

Understanding of disease in terms of perfect solution from the brain for the sake of the survival of the species, of the clan and the individual. This allows us to achieve healing using perfect biological laws that until recently were unknown.

Biological decoding is a collection of extraordinary discoveries which, together, give humanity a new evolutionary dimension.

To start your health journey or looking to learn more about Biological decoding, call the Acupuncture Center of Southwest Michigan (269) 353-4833 located in Kalamazoo, MI. 



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