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When people ask me what acupuncture can be used for, a quick and easy response is “all kinds of pain.”

A much broader response is possible, that would include allergies and to help with quitting smoking, but today, even the western medical establishment will acknowledge that acupuncture can have a positive effect in helping with pain. In fact, the Veterans Administration, in an effort to cut back on the amount of pain medication prescribed, has included acupuncture as one of the options available to military service veterans.


In the last few years, my practice has increasingly included more veterans.

WW-II, Korea, Vietnam, 1st Gulf war, Iraq and Afghanistan; men and women; younger and older, one issue they all have in common is chronic pain.  I’m always looking for different techniques to treat pain, because what works for one person, may not work so well for another. Pain is a complicated issue and we are complicated creatures.

I’m just returning from a seminar that was conducted in Portland, OR, that is called Battlefield Acupuncture.

I don’t especially like the name, but I am impressed with its simplicity and its effectiveness seems promising. You identify where the pain is, what level it is and what makes it worse. Then, very systematically, needles are added in very specific locations in each ear until pain levels begin to drop. I’m looking forward to implementing this interesting and intriguing protocol with some of the many people I see that experience acute and chronic pain.



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